Sports Blogs Reach the Tipping Point

Deadspin editor/creator Will Leitch appeared on the Bob Costas show last night. (Yes, Bob Costas has a TV show – I didn’t know either). Anyway, Buzz Bissinger who is a Pullitzer Prize winning author hates “blogs” and took-out his pent-up aggression on Leitch.

Leitch is the fans voice, and the anti-establishment blogger who throws daggers at athletes, sportscasters and fans alike. He prides Deadspin as SPORTS NEWS WITHOUT ACCESS, FAVOR, OR DISCRETION.

He throws players like Matt Leinhart under the bus and does so with no remorse. He isn’t part of the good ol’ boy network that makes sports journalism vanilla, like it has become. If ESPN doesn’t kiss the NBA’s butt, they can’t buy the TV contract for the NBA – Leitch doesn’t want access, and is a fan with a SAT vocabulary and desire to cover sports.

Follow the link and see the insecure nature of newspapers journalists in watching their paper medium flush away. Last time I checked journalism isn’t going anywhere, it’s merely adapting towards a new era. It’s revolution, baby.

Watch the video – Costas made youtube take it down.


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