Real Life Sports Journalist Reads Blogs

We all know that Jason Whitlock is a baller. He’s a fan of The Wire which I used to work on back in the day, so he gets points for that. Actually Whitlock likes to talk race in sports, a subject that is taboo these days. His take on the HBO Town Hall debacle was more comprehensive than any I’ve seen. I back Whitlock:

“For some reason, I’m not afraid of blogs. I enjoy them. I post on message boards using my real name. I respond to the e-mails of bloggers. They don’t threaten me or the newspaper/journalism industry I love.”

“Again, bloggers are no different from writers or journalists. There are good ones and bad ones, fair and unfair ones, moderately accurate and horribly inaccurate ones. None is infallible.”

Jason Whitlock


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