ValleyBall: The World’s Most Illegal Volley Ball Game

On the San Diego-Tijuana border, U.S. filmmaker Brent Hoff challenges a team across the border fence, in “2 on 2” beach volleyball match. It’s a battle for border bragging rights as the U.S. plays Mexico in an unofficial international volleyball match.

I caught this film at Pangea Day which is a really cool global film festival that featured a global intersection of powerful films. The event was broadcast live from Cairo, Kigali, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, and Rio de Janeiro. Check out the website to watch some amazing films, dialogue about social action on the blogs, learn how to participate in follow-up events. In it’s inaugural year, dynamic visionaries like Queen Noor and Desmond Tutu spoke about the power of film across every continent and how film can enhance empathy, education, and peace.

Pangea Day
ValleyBall’s Filmmaker


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One response to “ValleyBall: The World’s Most Illegal Volley Ball Game

  1. Diggs Harrington

    Fantastic video. Thanks for sharing–Diggs

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