The Hustle For the Next O.J. Mayo

Right now, high school kids can’t jump straight to the pros and buy their million dollar cars and houses. The NBA’s 19 year old age limit forces the average high school baller to attend college for a year. This means legit money for David Stern (NBA), Miles Brand (NCAA), and under the table money for college freshman like Mayo.

Dan Wetzel at Yahoo Sports has a great take on O.J. Mayo, Cash, USC, and changing the NBA’s age limit. Whose to Blame?

He reports that to land a blue chip college kid you have to fork over atleast $100,000 to obtain the player’s rights.

Sunday one agent claimed barring the unusual exception, you can’t sign “a top-15 player in the draft unless you have invested $100,000 with the kid (or his people) already.

Another source said at least four agencies were active in getting Mayo, BDA just won out. And last week agent David Falk told CNBC that one agent paid $500,000 for a player this year. Every agent knows which player he is talking about.

Gary Parrish at CBS Sportsline thinks that USC will be admonished for their sins. USC in hot water over Mayo incident? Not likely

Most coaches — save a select few — just cross their fingers and hope nothing blows up on them, and if it does they plead ignorance and explain to the NCAA that they can’t be with the prospects they recruit or the players they coach 24 hours a day and thus can’t reasonably be held accountable for what happens between prospects and players and agents. It’s why Pete Carroll didn’t personally suffer for Reggie Bush, why Mike Krzyzewski didn’t personally suffer for Corey Maggette, why John Calipari didn’t personally suffer for Marcus Camby, why Norm Stewart didn’t personally suffer for Jevon Crudup, so on and so forth.

O.J.’s Last Dunk in High School where he was T’ed up after throwing the ball in the stands. His team had already won the game before he threw-up the self-alley oop.


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