Tony Kornheiser Exits Stage Left From Newspapers

In a rant from his radio show, Tony Kornheiser announced that The Washington Post bought-out his contract after working 29 years for the paper. I grew-up reading Kornheiser’s “Bandwagon” columns during the Washington Redskins’ victory run in the 80’s and early 90’s and no other writer was more revered than Kornheiser was in DC. He was a local legend.

I even met Tony and Wilbon at PTI a few years back and they were nothing but professional and friendly. This may be a bigger deal for DC sports fans, but Kornheiser was a local institution. He doesn’t write much anymore, but when he was a full-time newspaper writer – there was no one better.

From the D.C. Sports Blog

“All I ever wanted to be was a newspaper writer,” he said, which is likely not something that anyone under the age of 30 will ever say again. “This other stuff is great, but I don’t care about it,” he continued. “In my mind that’s what it says on the headstone, it says ‘newspaper guy.’

He said some people in the leadership asked him to stay but didn’t really insist, and even though he’ll keep doing PTI and the radio show and MNF, he said he feared he’d never have the moral high ground again.

Here is Tony doing the Penguin Dance.

The whole rundown is at the D.C. Sports Blog


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One response to “Tony Kornheiser Exits Stage Left From Newspapers

  1. rustamon

    thats a shame, hopefully PTI is not affected by his next career move..

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