Alyssa Milano Now Selling Raiders Gear

The Hater Nation Sums it up well:

Maybe the Raiders aren’t the right team to market to, especially since most Raiders clothing is acquired via the five-finger discount. Or welfare stamps. But on closer inspection, it seems that those earrings and necklaces also could double as electric monitoring equipment for Raiders fans serving their sentence under house arrest. That’s sure genius of her to combine two great passions in Raiders fans lives, crime and gaudy jewelry.

She’s expanding her reach from the Dodgers fandom to Raider Nation. Check out her baseball blog– we all go to read the articles.




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2 responses to “Alyssa Milano Now Selling Raiders Gear

  1. geronimo

    Talk is cheap. I’m sure you’re a Denver Donkey fan.
    Real men wear orange. We’ll see what the real deal is after Monday night. Donkey season 08, 09 RIP.

  2. bob

    stop thinking star or money be real sports fan know what your talking about first come on alyssa i have been your fan for years . im shocked raiders for ever

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