"The Blade Runner" Allowed to Compete in Olymics

Oscar Pistorious, a double-amputee sprinter born without fibulas will be allowed to compete for the South African Olympic Team. He runs really fast with the aid of carbon fibre transtibial artificial limbs.

The IAAF had concluded after studying the issue that Pistorius’s blade-like “Cheetah” running prosthetics amounted to a “technical device” that gave him a “demonstrable mechanical advantage” because they worked more efficiently than the human ankle and allowed the user to consume less energy than an able-bodied athlete running at the same speed.

However the Swiss panel, hearing an appeal from Pistorius, said it was not convinced that the device gave Pistorius an overall “metabolic advantage” and said he should be allowed to compete for the 2008 Beijing games.

The Washington Post, Amputee Sprinter to Compete for Spot on S. Africa Olympic Team

Watch Oscar run:


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