Belichick Tears Apart Spygate Film Boy

New England Coach Bill Belichick has one of football’s biggest ego – but he’s finally admitted to making a mistake. Check out the videotape – Belichick doesn’t understand Matt Walsh’s agenda for coming forth with the Spygate tapes and discredits Walsh as the “3rd” camera assistant on the team. Belichick is an offensive mastermind, but he’s also offensively arrogant. It’s good to finally see him eat some crow.

After Tony Dungy spoke about Spygate to a group of Tampa high school kids, and said:

“We talk about how important it is to do things the right way and have integrity so that when you do win, people can never ask that question,” he said. “That’s the great thing that I’m happy about with our team.
“Yes, we won. But no one is really going to ask, ‘Did they cheat? Did they do things the right way?’ I think our record speaks for itself and if you’re a true champion, that’s the way you’d like it to be.”

It’s obvious that Dungy is alluding to Spygate. I can’t wait to watch the Pats/Colts game November 2.

Aol Fanhouse
Tampa Tribune


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