Mike Tyson Documentary Wins Over Cannes Crowd

Which convicted rapist turned film subject received a standing ovation in front of a crowd of at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival? I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t Roman Polanski.

Mike Tyson’s in France and he’s promoting the documentary about his life “Tyson.” The film is consists of interviews of Tyson reflecting on his life, his best knock-outs and Tyson being Tyson. He calls a woman who accused him of rape “a wretched swine of a woman.” He calls Don King “a slimy reptilian motherf***er” and explains that he bit Evander Holyfield’s ear off because “the man kept head-butting him and made him insane in the ring.” These lines are vintage Tyson.

We could write more about the film, which received high praise from the critics – OR we could watch Tyson Knock the tar out of Michael Spinks on June 27, 1988. Fastforward to 2:33 for the 91 second fight.


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