Celtics Put Away Lebron and the Cavs

It wasn’t Dominique Vs. Larry, but Lebron vs. Paul “The Truth” Piece turned out to be a damn good game. The Celtics are 8-0 at home this postseason, but 0-6 on the road. Pierece played well and threw-up 41 points and played like a stud.

What’s next for the Cavs? Lebron James also needs a better supporting cast. He scored 45 points, but no one else on his team showed-up. Delonte West is played hard, but he’s not a alpha player on the court. They need a second scorer who can average 20 points a game if they’re to win the title. He’s going to jet for the Knicks or Nets in two years if Danny Ferry doesn’t bring in some back-up. They need a Scottie Pippen-type player to help take pressure off of King James.


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