Celtics Games to Look Less like Grateful Dead Shows

The Boston Celtics finally cancelled the smoke-filled Pyrotechnic Show at Garden and Red Auerbach is turning over his grave. Somehow the Celtics don’t get how to run a pyrotechnic show. A) Call me old-school, but why do they need a mist on the court before the game? B) if you run a pre-game smoke show, make sure that no residual smoke remains around the court so that players like Ben Wallace don’t get dizzy and have to leave the game.

From the Boston Herald

“We’re not using it tonight because we don’t have time to test to try and reduce the smoke,” Gotham said. “But in Game 7 (vs. the Cavs) there was more residual smoke than we were comfortable with.”

“We’ve been talking with the league throughout about this. The league has been giving us guidance. But we’re going to give it another look in this series.”

Thanks sherlock, I’m glad that the league is working hard with the Celtics on this one.

AOL Fanhouse



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2 responses to “Celtics Games to Look Less like Grateful Dead Shows

  1. Diggs Harrington

    That’s funny shit!

  2. Michael

    hopefully Ben Wallace didn’t get sick watching on his TV at home.

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