Chris Cooley is Getting Married and We’re All Jealous

Chris Cooley is getting married and he is supplanting Clinton Portis as the most hilarious Redskins. His fiancee, shown above is a former Redskins cheerleader who was fired for dating a player, Cooley. Cooley is showing the charisma and blatant awesomeness of one of the greatest at this game, John Riggins.

His re-cap of their “love” growing and his respect for her parents:

“As we moved through the season I fell in love with her. We went through a lot of weird stuff, but it never fazed either of us. Maybe her dad brainwashed me one of the nights I passed out at her house, because no matter what happened, I was crazy about her. More likely it was her mom, since I was usually trying to impress the old man by drinking him under the table.”

I hope he hasn’t over-promised to his wife:

“I’m hoping for a huge night on Friday. We’ve paid for two open bars, and invited nothing short of an “animal house” cast of characters. Although I hope Clinton’s friends (Southeast Jerome) don’t crash the party. After our vows the only promise I will make is to not stuff the cake all over Christy’s face. The rest of the reception is free game.”

Spotted by Mike D.
Cooley’s Blog


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