Vince Young Parties With Less Hot Girls Than Matt Leinhart

I promised myself I wouldn’t post this photo, but it’s too priceless to pass on. Vince Young’s photo’s from Austin caught him partying like a rock star. I think we should give him some credit for handling like he should. He won’t stop partying, but will do it more low key.

“I apologize to some of the kids if they did see it because I am trying to be a role model for them. But at the same time, I was just trying to have fun with (friends). That is the life of a quarterback, somebody of my status… But it is not going to stop me from having fun. I just have to watch myself. They always want to try and get some negative pub on me. It wasn’t really nothing bad. … Everybody deserves to have a good time every once in a while during the offseason.”

Aol Fanhouse
With Leather


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