Celtics Crowned Eastern Conference Champs at Disneyworld

The NBA is getting far ahead of itself. We know that the NBA makes t-shirts for every team in the Conference Finals…but why are the Celtics Conference Champion Title t-shirts already on the racks of stores at the ESPN Zone in Orlando? David Stern is not being subtle about his dreams for a Celtics/Lakers finals.

This reminds me the Time article about New England winning the 2008 Super Bowl in a Nicaraguan village. The t-shirts that Tom Brady and the Pats were supposed to wear when celebrating on the field were donated by Rebook and the NFL to Nicaragua after the Pats last second loss.

The donated shirts were meant for outside middle linebackers and sized XXL for 6’5″. They may be used as “hammocks” and “ponchos” for the some of the natives, rather than worn as shirts.

These t-shirts along with along with “Where’s the Beef?”, “Avoid The Noid” and “I’m not a Bitch, I just suffer from PMS” are a few t-shirts that natural disaster and impoverished nations receive as donations from America. For the full article, read below.



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