Kimbo Slice Pops World’s Biggest Zit

Kimbo Slice is a streetfighter turned mixed martial artist who can lay a whoopin’. He fights guys on concrete, two at at a time, and in backyards. Essentially he’s a youtube star whose home videos of him kicking ass have garnered tens of millions of hits. See you the youtube sports page today and his fights are most all of the top ten video list.

However, he’s not a trained MMA fighter and Saturday’s fight was more spectacle than match. I hope for the sake for the hardcore fans that MMA puts on a free show with the top fighters, not some backyard brawler. Don’t tell Kimbo I told you.

Watch this clip of the Saturday night fight and a few of his greatest hits below.

Kimbo went to Miami, didn’t play football, and majored in concrete wrestling.

Kimbo knocking the tar out of Dreads.

Bluto Inpersonating a Zit (fast forward to the 1:15 mark and ignore the dubbed music).


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