Skins’ Owner Buys DC Airwaves

What Dan Snyder wants, Dan Snyder gets. Snyder’s Red Zebra Broadcasting monopoly bought the only other sports radio station in DC that he didn’t own, WTEM. Snyder’s media henchmen are saying that no immediate changes will be made to the station’s sports line-up with exception of Redskins’ being simulcast on all Red Zebra radio stations.

“Snyder’s purchase of WTEM (980), WTNT (570) and WWRC (1260) for an undisclosed price means his Red Zebra Broadcasting arm will own six stations in the area. Red Zebra’s current stations, known as Triple X ESPN Radio, also carry sports-talk programs.”

As a DC sports fan, I’ve appreciated Snyder’s efforts to put a winning team on the field, however, he’s one of the worst owner’s in the NFL. Although the Skins are worth almost a billion dollars, he’s done nothing but gouge his fans with increased ticket and parking prices at the stadium, meddled with the coaches he’s hired, and never hired a true GM. I can’t say I’m a fan of Snyder, but it’s cool that the games will be on WTEM. Wait, this post was about the radio station purchase, not a tirade about how much I despise Snyder’s mis-management of the team.

Washington Post


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