Epic Saturday at Torrey Pines

Saturday was an epic day at Torrey Pines. The Sports Baron took a road trip with Luke from the Bushwackers, and headed to to the U.S. Open. We packed up our ride and drove to due south to “Diego” to watch the historical golf day.

We arrived in time to follow our boy Brandt Snedeker on the back nine, and chatted up his “first lady,” two great people from Commodore Nation. It was a solid day for him, going 3 under for the day, and he finished tied for 9th at +4 for the week. We gave Schneds, one of the top young golfers in the nation, a few “Who Ya With” chants to which he tipped his hat to. I asked his fiancee “Who Ya With?” and she responded “Brandt,” having already forgot the worst chant in sports history. It was a funny exchange and awesome follow Brandt. He knocked the cover off the ball and played like a stud.

The course had a marine layer over the ocean holes, and it was a surprisingly overcast day in Southern California. To catch Tiger’s round, up close, you literally had to move three holes ahead of him, if you wanted a prime position to view the greatest golfer of his generation. Woods and his Caddy, Steve Williams, who is the 17th leading money winner on the tour AS A CADDY, lead the entourage of 35-40 photographers and journalists who cover Woods’ every move.

The guy has bigger posse than Vince on “Entourage,” with Williams acting as E, yelling at fans to calm down as they screamed and cheered at Woods’ every move. Imagine 35 cameraman stalking you for three hours on a Saturday afternoon, in addition to San Diego Police walking beside you from hole to hole. Welcome to Tiger Woods’ world.

You’ve already read the reviews, but I’ll give you a quick re-cap. Tiger Woods pulled two eagles out of nowhere and limped his way around the course to play his best round ever. Using his driver as a cane, he hobbled around and scored a 70 to gain a tie of the lead going into Sunday. We all know that Tiger is 12-0 in majors where he has atleast a share of the lead going into Sunday.

It was an epic and amazing day at Torrey Pines. I’d love to show you some pics, but Torrey Pines banned both cell phones and cameras from the tourney. Imagine the shock to everyone under the age of 25 who wondered “what do I do if I get drunk and lose my friendst?” and “how will I survive a day without texting.” It was a golf tournament, the way it should be played. It was cool to witness an instant classic golf tournament.


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