Woods Beats Rocco on 19th Hole

Amazing, simply amazing. Today’s round of golf was phenomenal and I can’t believe Tiger pulled it out. I am a big fan of Rocco Mediate and I think so is the rest of America. The guy showed serious guts by lasting 18 plus 1 holes today. I thought that him being down three strokes after 10 holes, that he was done for. But the dude showed moxie and came within a Tiger Woods birdie on 18, to winning the U.S. Open.

I’m pleased to say that I watched this year’s U.S. Open live in person. Watching the Saturday’s golf round was truly spectacular and this was one for the ages. I had so many friends tell me they were watching today’s playoff round at work today and that was one of the greatest sporting events I’ve ever seen.

Tiger deserved to win and he showed class and humilty throughout the weekend. Rocco was the little engine that kept going, but Tiger, and his 14th major title stood in Rocco’s way.

I hope that Rocco gets an exemption and invitation to every U.S. Open from here until he stops playing golf.

Here’s the final hole, the 91st for those counting

And the epic 18th on Sunday to for the playoff:


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