Jerry Manuel the American Gangster

Mets Manager, Jerry Manuel went “Scarface” on Jose Reyes and showed him there’s a new regime at Shea Stadium.  

Explaining what happened when Jose Reyes put up a fight when asked to leave Tuesday’s game with a hamstring injury, manager Jerry Manuel joked: “I told him next time he does that I’m going to get my blade out and cut him. I’m a gangster. You go gangster on me, I’m going to have to get you. You do that again, I’m going to cut you right on the field.” 

Manuel is known for following the teachings of Ghandi and Martin Luther King, Jr., and this comment isn’t what you’d call an act of civil disobedience.  However, he’s coaching in New York, so a little attitude goes a long way in the Big Apple.  

Spotted by Stomper



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