La Lucha Vavoom – Countdown

For California readers, the countdown begins for Mexican Wrestling, Burlesque and insane debauchery. 

L.A. fans:  June 24, 25, and 26 at the Mayan Theater (the home of La Lucha Vavoom – the baby chicken is worth the price of admission)

Orange County fans:  June 27 at The Grove (all ages show, bring the family)

San Fran fans:  June 29th at the Fillmore  (Jerry Garcia would go if he were still alive)

Get your tix ASAP:



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3 responses to “La Lucha Vavoom – Countdown

  1. quite simply, the best show on turf

  2. Ady

    Hey guys! I found a cool video about Lucha Va Voom! Here’s the link:


  3. socialbaron

    it’s amazing. we’ll be there filming the mini-chickens and brulesque.

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