Your Job’s Your Credit…

Chris Cooley is preparing for an Eastern Motors Ad. Amazing! If you haven’t seen these local DC sports, check this one out.  No one knows what Eastern Motors does, but it is unimportant. 


This is a classic and my favorite video with Lavar Arrington and Clinton Portis.  Vote for Cooley’s nickname, either “John Wayne” or “Ice Man.”  He should use “Ice Man” and I’ll be his wing man.  I would use my porn star name Breezey Foster.  Eastern Motors needs to hire me to work on the commercial.  I would freestyle rap the jingle as my alias, Sugar Boy.

This is funny.  Do you think Lavar Arrington gets a free lifetime of car servicing at Eastern Motors?    



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3 responses to “Your Job’s Your Credit…

  1. True story I talked with the people of eastern motors once and they told they do not even pay the athletes to be in their ads. All they do is hook them up with rims no joke. I guess your job is your credit.

  2. socialbaron

    Rims for a cheesey commercial, that’s a fair trade. Your football legend status is solidified in DC if you do one of these commercials.

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