Best Mullet in Sports History

I went to college in the south, mullets are prevalent in that part of the country.  Incidentally, this is a list is the Oscar’s of Mullets, the top 12 sports mullet in history.  Barry Melrose won, but we all know Dennis Eckerly is the people’s choice.




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3 responses to “Best Mullet in Sports History

  1. i think you have to give props to melrose for the shaved sides / clearly intentional mullet … eck could maybe, and i stress maybe, get away with just letting himself go

  2. What about John Kruck, Rod Beck and Randy Johnson mullets. What I like about their mullets is they were so long in the back meaning they were more party than buisness.

  3. socialbaron

    Melrose was a trail blazer in the history of mullets, but Eck was a lights out closer who wore the same hair style since the age of 12. Advantage Eck

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