Will Leitch’s Gets Roasted


The Friar’s Club is the king of roasting.  

Will Leitch left Deadspin, and after showering Dan Shanoff, it’s about time he leaves in style.  The sports blog world is sending Will off with hard-hitting cuts, from their roast, hosted on Deadspin.

Everyone’s weighing cutting Will down, to send him off in style.  He’s leaving for New York Magazine and left as one of the worst people that sports blogosphere has ever seen.  But he’s also a sharp tool that pioneered a new style of journalism.  

The Sports Guy got involved on Deadspin.

And then there’s this: Every time I got an e-mail from you for three straight years, I thought to myself, “Holy shit, I hope I didn’t do something stupid” or “Holy shit, I am fucked.” Then I’d read the e-mail and it was always something harmless like, “Sir, just a heads up, we’re posting a photo-shopped picture of you deep-throating Tom Brady.” So you should be proud. You put the fear of God in me on a daily basis. You also used the word “we” all the time in your posts, only you were always talking about yourself. What literary device was this? The fourth person? The fifth person? We always wondered why you did that. And by we, I mean me.

and a favorite of mine, Kissing Suzie Kolber wrote his words:

Mr. Leitch, We applaud you on your restraint during the recent incident on HBO when Buzz Bissinger so cruelly disparaged you and your work. Your noble silence let the world know that you are dedicated to keeping your pride intact. Way to sit there and take it! Sincerely, Native Americans and German Jews



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