Lakers 2002 vs. the Internets in 2008

Think to 6 years ago…We’re sitting at home, watching the Lakers win their 3rd title of 3, this time against Jason Kidd and the New Jersey Nets. Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal are celebrating as victorious teammates and in a technology world where, youtube is still Chad Hurley’s pet project, cell phones work mostly for long distance calls, and Kobe and Shaq are three-time champions. Fastforward to 2008 in the new media era where, Shaq drops a verse at an NYC club where he disses Kobe, a fan films this show on his cell phone where TMZ picks up the video, and now some kid in middle America makes his own reponse video.

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One response to “Lakers 2002 vs. the Internets in 2008

  1. Al Davis Jr

    Go back to 2001, when the Lakers b-raped the west in the playoffs – didn’t lose a game until Iverson went ballistic in Finals Game 1. After the Lakers swept the Spurs, Shaq called Kobe the “Greatest player on the planet.” I guess Shaq thought that planet was Uranus.

    That, and Brit Spears looked like this…

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