NBA Free Agent Roulette

The free agent world is starting to take shape and it’s going something like this:

Sports by Brooks says that Baron Davis is leaving Da Warriors for the the Clippers for a 5 year $65 million dollar deal.

Antwan Jamison re-signed, last week, with the Wizards for 4 years at $50 million.

Gilbert Arenas is waiting for the Wizards to offer him his deal which is rumored at $126 million for six years. Mister Irrelevant thinks that’s a huge sum of money, but maybe worth it for the love of the fans.

And Lebron James, who is working towards his goal of becoming a global icon would be best suited for his favorite burrough, Brooklyn or in New York City. He’s due for free agency in 2010, so Cavs fans should be worried. Jay-Z is a minority owner of the soon to be Brooklyn Nets and they’re already boys. ESPN


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