The Bushwhackers Uncover the World of MMA

Luke and Butch are back, re-done, and reloaded. Check them out at Bringing Back the Bushwhackers

They’ve got some Affliction, UFC, and all things MMA coming your way, check it out.

Affliction to Carry Two Fights Free on FSN

Affliction has announced it will partner up with FSN to show two bouts for the one-hour “free” portion of the July 19 “Affliction: Banned” event. Affliction has also announced that death metal band Megadeath will perform throughout their show “Affliction: Banned” on July 19th.  It is unknown in what capacity they will perform, but one would guess that they would do songs between fights.  Megadeath has been hugly popular throughout the years and has sold over 20 millions cds.  While it was rumored that Ozzy Osbourne would perform, Megadeath is not a huge surprise considering that they are already involved with Affliction’s popular clothing lines.

On June 5th Affliction and Donald Trump held a joint press conference to announce Donald Trump as an equity partner.  Affliciton also announced the signing of ex-UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski who will fight Ben Rothwell on the undercard of their “Afflcition: Banned” event.

The Bushwhackers



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2 responses to “The Bushwhackers Uncover the World of MMA

  1. Al Davis Jr

    Great pic of the Donald.

    “Remember, you gotta remember to cup the balls.”

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