What is a Titletown?

When The Redskins won the Super Bowl in 1983, did they call DC Titletown? Is Boston now a Titletown after winning the World Series and NBA Championship in the same season?

Titletown is a generic subject matter for the bland show know as Sportscenter. I don’t think that Knoxville is Titletown because of Phillip Fulmer and Pat Summit. What is ESPN doing now? Hot or Not was awfully painful and now it’s another marketing tool with Titletown, This not so subtle marketing strategy by ESPN water downs the SportsCenter brand. This is nothing but noise pollution and makes me further turn to the world of sports blogs.



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4 responses to “What is a Titletown?

  1. jhuvelle

    The sad partt is that titletown is better then there make a wish segments they are doing. God July is a slow sports month.

  2. socialbaron

    I’m scheduling my root canal for later this month, it’s more exciting than the current sports scene.

  3. jhuvelle

    They just made standford as one nominee’s for titaltown. What a joke I could care less how many water polo championship they have won. Have they ever won anything in a sport that matter.

  4. socialbaron

    ESPN believes that Gainesville, Flordia may be Titletown USA. I think their producers have nothing better to do than put this crap on the air.

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