Best 1980’s Mustache: Magnum P.I. Vs Donnie Baseball Vs Wade Boggs

Mustache Hall of Famer, Don Mattingly is now the Los Angeles Dodgers hitting coach, after the All-Star break. Mattingly had some family issues which is why he didn’t take the gig at the start of the season. We’ll see if Joe Torre will develop the magic of the Yankees batting order, reincarnated at Dodger Stadium. Dodgers GM, Ned Coletti announced that he’ll now be replacing Mike Easler, who stepped up for the first half of the season.

Now it’s time to play Mr. Baseball v. Donnie Baseball v. Wade Boggs.

In honor of the American Mustache Institute we’d like to have a vote on the best mustaches of recent baseball memory. This is better than the Affliction Banned show and the odds are 3:1 that Magnum P.I. wins this contest. Anyone who rocks a ‘stache and a Hawaiian shirt is a winner in my book. Al Davis Jr. is mindreader, and Luke from the Bushwhackers likes to party. Though the 1980’s Mattingly and Boggs handle bars are classic.

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3 responses to “Best 1980’s Mustache: Magnum P.I. Vs Donnie Baseball Vs Wade Boggs

  1. Al Davis Jr

    I gotta go Mr. Baseball. That thing is nothing short of glorious. I think I see a ham and cheese sandwich, extra mayo and no tomatoe, wedged between his upper lip and that wooly mammoth of a stach.

  2. socialbaron

    I word

  3. Tiki Mike

    No no no…thought Donnie Baseball & Boggs were great ball players, the real stache battle would come to Burt Reynolds & Tom Selleck. Sellecks sports a hawaiian shirt better than anyone, but Reynolds had so much…his stache MADE his career! I say a tie!

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