Around Town in the Blogosphere

Fanhouse wonders if David Falk’s agenda or Elton Brand’s east coast roots – drove him to sign with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Kissing Suzy Kolber is assessing the tail of the tape between Skins’ own badass, Mike Sellers vs. Brian Urlacher of the Bears. We think Sellers is a triple threat h-back/tight end/fullback who would dust off Ulracher. But we’re biased.

The Sporting Blog believes that baseball spikes make good weapons and a teen was arrested in Kansas for stomping his cleats on a 1st baseman, after being thrown out.

Tirico Suave is the best blogger name ever and he found a video of Real Life Tony Soprano waving a runner home. Mr. Suave cut together this amazing clip.



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3 responses to “Around Town in the Blogosphere

  1. jhuvelle

    Yankees stadium is full of guys like him. The amount of hair gel and chains at Yankees stadium is off the charts.

  2. socialbaron

    That guy is amazing. He ‘s wearing a rug as an undershirt. Bada-bing!

  3. voodoovos

    Few new updates – and I will be adding more this weekend – why not add a FREE RSS feed !



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