Atlanta Falcons Community Outreach

It’s not a big surprise that the Atlanta Falcons are desperate to change their image after the Michael Vick dog fighting scandal. Oh wait, their coach Bobby Petrino, left them at the alter last year for Pig Suey at Arkansas.
To counter-balance that, they’re awkwardly casting, Matt Ryan, their rookie QB in “Oklahoma” at the Fox Theater. That’s right, “where the wind goes sweeping down the plane.”

From our own B.C. guy:

“This is what the falcons are doing to getting people to buy season tickets. I have never seen pro athletes look so awkard and uncomfortable in my life. This is not funny, its dumb marketing. I am just mad they are making my matt ryan do this kind of shit. He should have gone to b’more.”

You heard it, Matt Ryan should have gone to Baltimore.



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