Jay Cutler is Due For A Big Year

We recommend drafting Jay Cutler in your Fantasy Football Leagues. Last year the guy threw for 20 TDs, 14 Interceptions with an 88.1 QB Rating. And that was he had lost 30 lbs, lacked extra heat on his throws, and dealt with intense hunger and fatigue.

After going through a series of tests in the off-season, he was dianogsed with Type 1 diabetes, a disease that affects 1 million Americans. Now he’s shooting himself up with insulin and can control his blood sugar levels with more regularity.

He was on the Dan Patrick radio show last week and spoke with candor and maturity about his treatable condition.  Jay on the Dan Patrick show (fastforward to the 2/3 mark)

This is Jay’s final throw as a Commodore in 2005. Earl Bennett, who was a 3rd round pick by the Bears in the ’08 draft caught his TD and the ‘Dores sent the entire town of Knoxville home crying after that game. Vandy won 28-24 and it was the team’s first victory at UT’s stadium since 1982.



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