$240,000 + Super Model = Modern Day Slave

A Sports Baron Exclusive by Ibracadabra

Does this look like the image of a slave to you? According to the President of FIFA, world soccer’s governing body, Sepp Blatter, that’s precisely what Cristiano Ronaldo is.

Ronaldo, the 23 year old Portugal international and arguably the world’s best player, is currently on a $240,000 a week salary but that didn’t stop FIFA’s President from depicting the player’s current transfer saga as an example of modern slavery.

Representatives from Ronaldo’s club, Manchester United have maintained that they are unwilling to sell the player to Real Madrid, despite aggressive overtures by the Spanish giants. The slave, Ronaldo, is stuck in the middle, but hey, at least he can still afford those partially faded, hipster jeans. Look at those bootleg cuffs, Cristiano, beats handcuffs and shackles right? And a nice bird on the arm as well who is model Nereida Gallardo.

In a further twist of irony and relevancy to the FIFA President’s poor judgment and misuse of words is the story of the upcoming 2010 World Cup, being held in South Africa. Blatter, the man who compares players to slaves, is actually in charge of bringing the tournament to African soil for the first time in the competition’s history.

Perhaps the “master” of world soccer has neglected to read up on his world history. Apartheid in South Africa, that’s a form of slavery, Mr. Blatter. Designer denim Diesel jeans on the world’s greatest footballer, not exactly.



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12 responses to “$240,000 + Super Model = Modern Day Slave

  1. rick erickson

    ibracadabra, just wanted to say i will look forward to your thoughts from time to time and being the first to welcome your blog all the best arsene

  2. Wilhelm

    Schweinsteiger proved that he was the best 7 in Europe while remaining humble. He wins the best bad hair style for a winger too.

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  4. Melissa Pugeda

    I would enslave CRon for any cost.

  5. Brooks

    C. Ron’s mom is not too bad looking

  6. Al Davis Jr

    Some antiboitics fixed my Sepp Blatter.

  7. Fergie

    I wonder why the knees on cron’s jeans are so faded

  8. socialbaron

    Ronaldo and his model girlfriend are no longer an item. Now he’s back to the grind of being slave.

  9. Pierre

    blimey, i would!!!

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