Stephen A. Smith Meltdown on ESPN over Brett Favre Comeback

Stephen A. Smith is over the whole Brett Favre “love affair” in the media. In this video, Stephen A. throws out his standard lines like “this is uttery ridiculous” and he is “sick to his stomach” about The World Wide Leader’s infatuation with Favre. He sounds like a screaming idiot, but his argument makes sense.

We agree with Stephen A., the media loves Brett Favre and John Madden has wanted to service him for years. Brett is holding his team ransom and has created a schism between Green Bay fans holding rallies outside Lambeau field and the fans who want the Aaron Rogers regime to start. Wait, no Green Bay fans want the Aaron Rogers era to begin.

The Packers have told Favre that he can be their back-up QB. That is fair since Favre is being dramatic and needy. The NFL has held him up as the poster-child for all that’s right about football, and he’s tearing his team apart, while it’s “sickening” that Favre’s coming back and the media is backing him up. Everyone, but Stephen A. that is….



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5 responses to “Stephen A. Smith Meltdown on ESPN over Brett Favre Comeback

  1. I agree and not only did he already tarnish an amazing legacy he is hurting the Packers dearly in the process. I am part of campaign to try and keep him retired (the only outcome that doesn’t hurt both parties involved). We are trying to get 5,000 people to send 2 golf balls each to Favre giving him enough balls to last him the rest of his life. Check it out here if you want to do something and let Brett know how we feel:

  2. Al Davis Jr

    Funny Stephen A story…my buddy had field passes to an SC football game. After heavy drinking, my buddy saw Stephen A on the sidelines. “Hey, ESPN guy, BOOYA!” he yells. “That’s not me,” Stephen A says. ‘That’s Stu Scott. The other black guy.”

  3. Show your support for Brett Favre at

    Sign the online petition

  4. socialbaron

    I like all the Brett Favre mongers coming to spam the site. A bunch of fanboys if you ask me.

  5. Briefs

    Brett Favre needs to go away, fucking hate him now. I used to be a fan but now he’s an annoying bitch that needs retire forever and STFU.

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