Jose Canseco Debo’ed in Charity Boxing Match

Jose Canseco, the world’s biggest tool, was knocked-out over the weekend by Vai Sikahema, in a charity boxing match. Sikahema was a return man for the Eagles, made two Pro Bowl and knocked the tar out of a Field Goal Post in the 1990s. These same goal-post punching skills were put to use when Canseco got knocked out twice in the 1st round, and it it couldn’t have happened to a worse guy.

Canseco is a dirt-bag, who we’ve ran into a few times at events around town. Fortunately for us, each moment was limited to a few words of conversation. His Southern California home was recently forclosed, and he owed the bank $2.5 million in payments on the house. His booked “Juiced” ratted out all of MLB for using steroids. This guy needed a good debo, word.

Stephen A. is again taking us through the commentary while watching the highlights. Stephen A. is omni-present at the Sports Baron today, yes we know this.



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