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From Stomper – Stephon Marbury showed up for summer league practice with the number -3- tattooed on his dome. There’s rumors that he’ll soon be heading to Boston if the Knicks release him. NY Post Deadspin found this photo.

From D.C. Justice – Ed Hochali is the greatest ref ever and is the guy with the large guns. No surprise the NFL coaches are scared of him and voted him the best ref. I swear, if Hochali was sent to Iraq that war would be over in one day. Link



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7 responses to “Sports Baron Feed

  1. Al Davis Jr

    Since when did Chad Johnson drop the Ocho Cinco nickname for Ed Hochuli? And when did he get ripped and white? Next you’re going to tell me people are tatting their domes. Come on, Sports Baron. Post Buzzinger you’ve gotta have cred.

  2. jhuvelle

    Can I buy a Hochuli ref’s jersey?

  3. Al Davis Jr

    Yes, jhuvell. You can buy it from some dude named Tim Donaghy.

  4. you can buy hoculi’s jersey but if you ain’t got the pipes, it ain’t gonna fit

  5. socialbaron

    There’s a sports book in Vegas that’s selling Donaghy jerseys.

  6. jhuvelle

    The NFL should make a rule that Hoculi only ref games in a dome stadium or warm weather spots so he can rock short sleeve’s every sunday. I think he could take Chuck Norris in a fight.

  7. socialbaron

    He needs a license for those guns. Hoculi should shop for Tiger Woods’ skin tight man-shirts from last year’s Masters. Those shirts are super tight.

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