Josh Hamilton’s Home Run Derby Highlights

Hamilton belted 28 Home Runs on Monday and lost the HR Derby to Minnesota’s Justin Morneau who took home the trophy. The two players entered the fourth and final round even in HR’s, even though Hamilton lead 35-22 in total HR’s in the first 3 rounds.

Hamilton is everyone’s feel good story of the All-Star Game. For those just joining us, he used to live in a van, down by the river. Literally, he lived in a hot mess of a trailer in North Carolina. He is a self-proclaimed crack addict, heavily used pharmies, and partied hard like he was in Motley Crue.

The former number 1 pick in the 1999 Draft by the Tampa Bay Rays, hit rock bottom. The dude was habitually being suspended by The Rays and left baseball from 2002-2006. Now he’s jacking 28 HR’s at the Major League Baseball All-Star game and leads the majors with 95 RBI’s.




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3 responses to “Josh Hamilton’s Home Run Derby Highlights

  1. Congratulations to Josh Hamilton… he managed to bounce back, and you gotta give the guy a lot of credit for that 🙂

  2. from the next john belushi or river phoenix to the next Mays or DiMaggio faster than you can say “suspended for MLB drug policy violations.” an incredible turnaround.

  3. socialbaron

    he got motivated after he used to roll doobies. now that’s impressive.

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