High School B-Ball Phenom is Moving to Europe for Hoops

Brandon Jennings is a sick prospect coming out of high school, he played at Oak Hill Academy, a minor league for NBA’ers. Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, and Steve Blake came out of this school, and each of them went “one and done” after playing a freshman year in college and then jumped to the pros.

Brandon had some issues with passing the SAT, and at one point his score was challenged. He’s not playing college ball anymore. He’s going straight to Europe to make a quick $100,000 – $200,000 for a year, and then hopes to go number 1 in the draft next year.

If Jennings goes to Europe, gets paid and becomes the number 1 pick, this would be groundbreaking. David Stern would be forced to change the unrealistic “one year out of high school” rule. Jennings agent:

Valle said Jennings will not even wait for his third standardized test result to see if he got a qualifying score after his second test was questioned by the NCAA. The results from the third test are due later this week.

“That’s a moot point now,” Valle said. “He’s not going to the University of Arizona. Brandon plans on going to Europe.”

True Hoop

We were going to post a video of O.J. Mayo hitting a 69 footer on this slowest sports day of the year, but changed our mind. Brandon won’t be walking into Lute Olsen’s office, telling him, he won’t give out his cell phone number.



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2 responses to “High School B-Ball Phenom is Moving to Europe for Hoops

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  2. drd

    how much games you won

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