Rick Reilly Is a Mailbag Away From Being a Blogger

Deadspin has already spoken of Rick’s hatred of sports bloggers but now ESPN is marketing him to the same audience who worships Simmons. Rick Reilly is sharing face time on the same title card as The Sports Guy. Does this mean he’s a blogger? I’m waiting for Reilly to breakdown and have weekly podcast and answer a mailbag. But as of right now, he looks like a blogger to me. Why does he speak out against something so vehemently, when in reality that is what he is becoming.

I’m a fan of Reilly, or I was when he was at S.I. His book “Who’s Your Caddy?” is a funny read. He has had great access to athletes and delivers some funny tomfoolery and hijinx. But now that he’s paid by “The Network” he’s taken a tough guy approach saying that he and Simmons are old school vs. new school.

In Rick’s own words from Deadspin

Old school-new school. I’m not doing more than 800 words, I’m not from Boston, I don’t write a lot about the NBA. I’m more likely to tell a story that has a beginning, a middle and an end. He’s a blogger. I still love reading him.

Et, tu brute…


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One response to “Rick Reilly Is a Mailbag Away From Being a Blogger

  1. Reilly seems to be phoning it in lately. Well, not phoning it in, but mailing it in by carrier pigeon. He’s just now mentioning the A-Rod Madonna thing?

    Is there something below blogger on Reilly’s hierarchy of writers? I think that’s probably where he is, post-SI.

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