Washington Post’s Writer Has Man-Crush on Jason Taylor

Our buddy D.C. Justice is dialed in the “inside the beltway” sports, and all those who report on them.  He raises a good point about the Washington Post’s Mike Wise crossing the line with his man-crush on Jason Taylor.  It’s cool for our girlfriends to have a fantasy about someone from Dancing with the Stars, afterall it’s a show for the ladies.  But Mr. Wise’s bro-love is aggressive.

I am all for people having a man-crush on their favorite athletes. This article by Mike goes to far, I felt uncomfortable reading about his love of Jason Taylor. He says

“Goodbye, Derek Jeter. Peace out, Tom Brady. I don’t want to be you anymore. I have a new man-crush. Someone taller, faster, more handsome and unbelievably polished replaced you, someone who makes the foxtrot more in vogue than the sprinkler. ” ( ok I will let this slide and keep reading)

“But the more the square-shouldered gentleman infused humor with humility — the more he kept flashing the telegenic smile ”  ( a little questionable)

“Taylor looked like Xerxes, the clean-shaven, baritone-voiced Persian king in the movie “300.” Indeed, there was something about Jason Taylor that smacked of royalty. ” ( This is just too far)



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