Favre, ESPN, and Ocean’s 12

In an ideal world, Joe Montana would not have played for the Kansas City Chiefs, Willie Mays would have avoided his time with the Mets, and Brad Pitt wouldn’t have made Ocean’s 12. But they did, and we’re okay with it. Brett Favre has been stirring up his own ghosts and killing his reputation by playing chicken with the Packers. This is is tarnishing his image more than playing for another team would.

ESPN is running a diary on the Brett Favre saga, and the network is completely embarrassing itself. We’ve done our best to avoid covering the whole debacle, but that hasn’t stopped ESPN from providing commentary from John Clayton, Chris Mortenson, and Ed Werner. It may make for good TV in the minds of ESPN executives, but really it’s dragging their already beaten image through the mud. Yes, they’re the worldwide leader, but both Brett Favre and ESPN are losing their grip on what matters in sports, competition. It’s as if TMZ has taken over the network an only rumor, innuendo, and speculation are running over the network’s airwaves.

Personally, the Packers should release the guy or trade him to a team of his choice for cash. Seriously, sending Favre to the Vikings for $5 million dollars would suffice and get Brett out of their hair. The Packers and Aaron Rogers wouldn’t have won the Super Bowl this year, so trading him to a division wouldn’t kill their chances of winning. This is the slowest month of the sports season and we’d rather get a root canal than watch this soap opera continue.


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