Fantasy Sports Start-ups Starting to Use Social Networks

Deadspin got tipped off that Sean Salisbury is now working with Open Sports, a site dedicated to sports social networking fantasy sports.  One interesting option is a “betting enabled sports games” which is a fancy way to saying “gambling.”  Salisbury will give his daily take on a hard-hitting “college and and NFL football” show.  We’re waiting for how long it will take until he shows his junk to some “social networker” in Kansas.   Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  The site was founded by Sports Line’s founder (who sold the company to CBS), so we’ll watch this one to see if it takes off.

Sports by Brooks gave the heads up that Jeff Ma, the man who beat Vegas while at MIT, and of the movie “21” and the book “Bringing Down the House” is bringing together a fantasy sports network called “Citizen Sports.”  Sports Illustrated Online, is backing this venture and the company will use Facebook and other social networks to facilitate the fantasy playing.  This seems like a great idea, but may be marketing towards a younger skew than the hard-core fantasy players who already have annual leagues set-up on Yahoo, ESPN, and CBS.  Check out Brooks article for his take on this, he summed it up well.


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  1. jhuvelle

    Did you think I can do parlays on this web site. I am in if I can.

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