The Demise of the Journalist, Ocho Cinco-Style

From Expert Pundit Luke

“The world is gonna get every bit of Dade County I got in me. If you don’t understand what that means, watch the Hurricanes of the 90’s.”

Chad Johnson is a warrior poet if I have ever seen one. Chad should probably sit down with Michael Irvin and ask him how it felt when he was being carted off to a chorus of boos in Philly, because that is the direction Chad is headed at this point. Chad is a tremendous athlete and receiver, but this sort of stuff isn’t even entertaining at this point. It’s basically reached the point of complete and utter stupidity. I feel like I lost two thousand brain cells when I saw that, we as a nation are less intelligent for listening to it.

People wonder why the blogosphere has such an edge to it. The blogosphere has such and edge to it because we are force fed this garbage by the media. ESPN puts this clown on TV because they know he’ll say something idiotic and then they replay it over and over again as if it was JFK’s speech at the Berlin wall. Not only that but Stuart Scott and Scott Van Pelt do this stupid act on Sportscenter where they attempt decipher it. STOP IT. PLEASE JUST STOP. Just because we aren’t millionaires, sports stars or broadcasters does not mean you can feed us this tripe and call it news, even sports news. Where is the Miracle on Ice? This country is in a state of utter disrepair and the best the sports media has to offer is Bret Farve and Chad Johnson. Dig deeper people, you are supposed to be journalists.

Bringing Back the Bushwhackers


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