Argentine Women’s Soccer Jokes Around

Members of the Argentine women’s soccer team appeared in a newly surfaced photo participating in the whole “slant-eyed” trend that’s sweeping the Olympics. The U.S. media perceives this gesture as racist, but does it really matter what the media thinks? The Spanish men’s basketball team made the same joke, and now another Spanish speaking nation is making the same move.

Really, we are hyper-sensitive about racism in our country and we here at Baron could care less if you are offended by this gesture. The Chinese took the gestures in stride and aren’t creating a stink. It’s mostly the American public is crying in outrage, see CNN. Maybe we’re the ones who are taking this too seriously and acting hyper-sensitive to these jokes. (we’re getting off the soap box now, and will work on the next nude rock climbing post)

UK Telegraph



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2 responses to “Argentine Women’s Soccer Jokes Around

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  2. they are making fun of the Indigenous People of Argentina. Should be shame of themselves

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