Norm McDonald, Ironic or Did He Lose his Spurs?

I’d go with the latter, but these joke are so bad, they’re laughable. We loved Norma back in the day and thought he was a funny Weekend Update host. What happened to this guy? He had so much talent but so little success to show for it.

We watched The Bob Saget Roast from our cushy seats at the Comedy Central event. Cloris Leachman (video here) stole the show, but Mr. McDonald has a strange sense of irony or needs to hire some writers.  One of his best zingers:

“No offense [Bob] but your face looks like a cauliflower”



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5 responses to “Norm McDonald, Ironic or Did He Lose his Spurs?

  1. I watched that, too, and thought it was terrible. I was shocked by how bad his performance was…



  2. Stomper

    I was completely weirded out by his appearence on the Roast of Sagat. It looked like Norm is going through some serious emotional issues. Everyone on the Roast gave him the smile that you give your mentally challenged friend (see Corky Life Goes On). Maybe he has gone through a tramatic emotional event. Maybe he is on severe anti depressents. Bottom line is something is up and it ain’t just gambling.

    “that’s norm, he’s our special friend.”

  3. i hated it at first, and then ended up completely loving it – i thought it was genius! scoundrel, ha-ha! funny!

  4. evcco

    good grief, are you people being ironic or did you honestly not get it? just watch the other comics – they get it.

  5. socialbaron

    I was at the Roast and he totally embarassed himself. I am a big fan of Norm and wished he made a better appearance. He received groans more than anything else…..Evcoo, you are the voice of reason, what makes you so enlightened?

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