Adam Jones Makin’ it Rain in a Local Dallas Commercial

Pacman, or now just Adam Jones, is in a local Dallas TV ad with Deion. I don’t even know where to begin with this. How much do we love USA? You know he’s so pissed that he can’t hit-up strip clubs anymore.  This isn’t as amazing as the Eastern Motors, but worth a look.



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4 responses to “Adam Jones Makin’ it Rain in a Local Dallas Commercial

  1. Stomper

    i like his work with TNA a bit better. He comes off as a pussy. how is Deion so refined but this guy looks like he just learned how to speak English.

  2. Correct me if I am wrong, but isnt this like Pac Man’s 8th chance at this point? The cutest part of last night’s Hard Knocks episode was when Pac Man read out loud the letter his agent wrote for him and he signed it. God that was great, I was freaking touched and I felt the warmth of God’s love. He is the freaking reality Pac Man, the vast majority of America wants you to snap your freaking neck on a punt return and doesn’t buy into this BS you do on HBO to make yourself look good. There is a part of me that really hopes you have turned it around, because you are worthless to the world without your ability to return punts or intercept passes, but the rest of me knows that the second some Dallas whore throws her leg up you will be there to make it rain. Hopefully it will be on youtube.

  3. Action Jackson

    I think that everyone in American should be given a second chance. But Adam has messed up so many times. The NFL is giving him a free pass and Jerry Jones is an enabler. Michael Vick should be given another shot if this scum bag is back in the NFL.

  4. jhuvelle

    God if pacman was a redskin he could have been in eastern motor ad. As Don King would say only in America

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