Jay Mariotti Leaving Print Journalism for the Inter-web

Jay Mariotti of Chicago Sun Times and more recently Around the Horn, is leaving hist post at the Chicago paper where he works. He worked 17 years as a print writer and is now moving into the internet world. Wow, this guy is really hurting for a job. Essentially, Mariotti is embracing the new media space and may become dare I say, a blogger.

Mariotti used to rock a mullet back in the day. Now he’s an “Around the Horn” groupie, and comes to work every day to battle the journalistic stalwarts of Woody Paige and Stat Boy from PTI. What sort of reader is going to follow Mariotti to the digital space? Most of his demographic still reads the Sunday paper. Atleast he can whore himself on ESPN, we’re expecting he’ll broadcast from his living room on the next show.

Just back from Beijing where he wrote about the Summer Olympics, Mariotti said in a phone interview Tuesday night that he decided to quit after it became clear while in China that sports journalism had become “entirely a Web site business. There were not many newspapers there.” He added that most of the journalists covering the Games were “there writing for Web sites.”

Deadspin is now reporting that he apparently got into a fight with the Sun-Times over writing an Obama piece after he returned from Bejing. Apparently it was Rick Telander’s turn to scribe a non-sports story and he wrote about Obama instead. Read the Deadspin article here, and see how Jay threw a hissy fit after not writing his story.

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    NEWSWIRE–Sports columnist Jay Mariotti has resigned from the Chicago Sun-Times, saying that there is no future for sportswriting in newspapers.

    The sportswriter’s bromide on corporate accounts is:
    “The fat lady’s sung,” or “The way the ball bounces.”
    He once had assignments to tryouts and playoffs;
    Now he’s resigned to skip buyouts and layoffs.

    Light verse, ripped from the headlines

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