Chad Ocho Cinco is a Looney Tune

Chad Johnson is no more, he has re-invented himself, and his new last name is “Ocho Cinco.” The Ticket, ESPN Radio 790 in Miami, reports that Chad officially changed his last name. Luke expressed his disdain for ESPN in covering the soap opera of “Ocho Cinco.” Really, we’re all sick of this stuff. We believe that Chad needs to update us once a week, and quit wasting NFL fans time with all these dramatics. 24 Hour Sports News Networks are feeding this mess of mass sports marketing and shoving Chad Johnson down our collective throats.

However, Chad changing his name to Ocho Cinco, now that’s a novel idea. Maybe he’ll claim Latin America as his native land. This is a great career move, and now let’s not here from Mr. Ocho Cinco until next Friday. Thus far the Cincinnati Bengals haven’t updated their media guide to reflect Chad’s new surname, but we’ll keep you posted if this story is legit.

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One response to “Chad Ocho Cinco is a Looney Tune

  1. Pittsburgher

    Dude’s hilarious. I think he’s now my favorite player, next to the ex-Eagle, Rod “He Hate Me” Smart. What an XFL move.

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