Ex-Sports Reporter Intern – Sarah Palin is Your VP Kitten

McCain pulled a VP running-mate out of the Alaskan woods, the state’s Governor Sarah Palin. Reportedly they have only met twice, but she looks like a sexy teacher, so that’s good enough. Honestly, that’s what everyone thought when they first saw her today. She looked like a hot mom who would love to let her hair down and party, if and only if, it was off the record. Check out the this link for the VPILF.com website dedicate to her milf-like status as the VP candidate.

Palin also interned in college, as a sports reporter for the NBC affiliate in Anchorage, Alaska. That’s what makes this post relevant to Sports Baron. Or maybe because she looks like a the librarian K.O. wished he checked out in high school.


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One response to “Ex-Sports Reporter Intern – Sarah Palin is Your VP Kitten

  1. Pittsburgher

    This VP nomination is intriguing, but seems lacking in substance. McCain is an old raisin, so she’ll counter-balance his old wise man reputation, but really she’s a bad choice.

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