Brady Costing Owners $150 Million

Fantasy owners are feeling the effects of the Brady injury.  Last year, Brady sent NFL records like they were going out of style, and won fantasy owners who drafted him, 50% of their leagues. is totaling that there are $500 million dollars on the line in fantasy pools this year.  This year, he was projected to win 30% of the fantasy pools, by owners who drafted him.  That means $150 million dollars changed hands as a result of his busted knee. I didn’t draft him, but I know guys who did.  They are fired-up, but we recommended drafting Jay Cutler as your back-up.  If you followed our advice, you’re good.

For the gamblers, Vegas also stared the season with the Pats having the best odds to win the Super Bowl, at 7:2.  Now the Sports Line at the Wynne Hotel has changed the Pats to 10:1 to win the big game.  The Steelers, Chargers and Cowboys now have better odds to win the Super Bowl, while the Colts are also 10:1.



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  1. I love how they pull out the 150 million number…where dr evil???

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