Vince Young, Where Have you Gone?

The Nashville Tennessean is reporting that Coach Jeff Fisher put out an APB last night for his star QB.  The Titans Coach contacted the Nashville PD to keep an eye out for Young after his roommates reported that he was stormed out of their house, leaving his cell phone. The police released this:

“Given the totality of the situation, Coach Fisher was concerned about Young’s emotional well-being. He contacted the police department and expressed to us his concern’’

Fischer, Young, and the Police met at a park in Nashville, and everything turned out okay.

This is crazy-talk.  Vince Young is one of the up and coming QBs in the game, atleast we thought so.  Vince won the Rose Bowl singlehandedly in one of the most memorable college football games ever.  Many have questioned his ability to throw from the pocket, but no one has questioned his leadership.  We hope that this is merely a one-time deal, and that his friends over-reacted.  But if it’s not, then Vince is in a different world that we thought.


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